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The UCSJ Council consists of the Senior Pastor and ten lay members.

Congregational Administrative Committee

Council Chair

Pam Larson

Coordinates the council and affairs of UCSJ.

Finance Vice-Chair

Dennis Eliason

Coordinates budget and finance.

Ministry Vice-Chair

Donna Whiskeman

Coordinates ministry programs.

Operations Vice-Chair

Joan Moyer

Coordinates operations.

Ministry Committee Council Representatives

Care Ministry

Alice Goertz

Provides support and assistance for members and friends who are in need.

Includes transportation providers, “Cooks Who Care,” Memorial Service Team, prayer shawl crocheters and more.

Congregational Life Ministry

Carolyn Snowbarger

Oversees fellowship opportunities of UCSJ.

A great team which provides social ministry activities and treats for the congregation.

Education Ministry

Vince Snowbarger

Offers opportunities for members and friends to continue life-long learning and spiritual growth.

Includes organizing book studies, Bible studies, presentations, seminars, workshops, and trips.

Membership Development Ministry

Tom Chase

Works with the pastor to recruit, develop, and retain members and friends.

Always looking for volunteers to greet people at the front door on Sundays and other UCSJ activities.

Mission & Outreach Ministry

Dee Moore

Relays information about mission causes (local and worldwide) to the congregation, distributes funds from the mission budget, creates hands-on ministry activities, and provides publicity to the community about UCSJ.

Worship & Music Ministry

Tim Spangler

Works with the pastor and music director to create meaningful worship services.